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Look no further than Brad Thorpe and his groundbreaking invention, Isophit. With over 30 years of experience in the health, fitness, and performance industry, Brad is a true expert in isometric strength training.

Brad's Innovative Approach:
Introduced in 2015, Isophit has quickly gained popularity worldwide, trusted by over 400 customers across 34 country. Brad's client's include prestigious organizations such as the US Army, FBI, and renowned professional sports teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Houston Rockets, Toronto Raptors, and America's Cup French Challenger - the Orient Express Racing Team. Luxury spas and country clubs such as Canyon Ranch and the award-winning Boca West Country Club have also incorporated Isophit into their training programs. Results Fitness in Ridgefield Connecticut has grown their Isophit training revenue to over $600,000 per year since purchasing their Isophit Strength Trainers in 2020.  

Unparalleled Expertise:
Brad Thorpe's commitment to advancing human function and performance is unparalleled. A graduate of the Resistance Training Specialist Mastery Level Specialist and Muscle Activation Techniques Certified Specialist programs, Brad was the 21st specialist to achieve these combined distinctions. His methods have been validated by testimonials from athletes, professionals, and doctors who have experienced remarkable results.

Endorsements from Renowned Figures:
From four-time World Figure Skating Champion Kurt Browning to Olympic Bronze Medalist Phil Monckton, athletes credit Brad's approach for helping them recover from injuries, avoid further damage, and achieve optimal results. Medical professionals such as Dr. Larisa Hausmanis, Dr. Brian Kashin, Dr. Smita Amin, and Dr. Marla Ash have also endorsed Brad's skillset for optimizing muscular function, improving health, and preventing injuries.

Recognized Impact:
Brad's pioneering methods have not only gained acclaim in professional sports but have also transformed the lives of individuals dealing with various health challenges, from sports-related injuries to hypertension and chronic pain. Brad's Isophit product helped Gary get off blood pressure medication, helped Maria lose 3 dress sizes in 22 days, helped Keith get on a heart transplant waiting list, and helped Joel win his first MVP.  

Unlock Your Highest Potential:
Brad Thorpe's Isophit method stands as a game-changing solution backed by endorsements from prestigious institutions and revered professionals. Whether you're an athlete aiming for peak performance, recovering from an injury, or seeking improved health, our consultancy services offer tailored programs to help you and your organization achieve exceptional results.

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"I was introduced to Brad Thorpe and Isophit Strength Training after sustaining a severe neck and upper-body injury in a hockey collision. After working with Brad and Isophit extensively for two weeks, we eliminated my neck pain and regained the neurological function and muscular strength that I had lost due to the injury. I look forward to continuing my training with Isophit and highly recommend Brad's methods to anyone looking to compete at their highest level.

Kurt Browning
4X World Figure Skating Champion

"As a three-time Olympic Team member, Olympic Bronze Medalist, former Head of High Performance for Rowing Canada, and Masters Rowing Athlete, I thought I had experienced everything the performance world had to offer. Then I met Brad Thorpe. His approach to isometric-based performance training and patented Isophit training device helped maximize my training and competition results. The Isophit program helped identify and correct imbalances and areas of weakness and, most importantly, allowed me to train all season without injury."

Phil Monckton
Olympic Bronze Medalist 1984
3-Time Olympic Rower Team Canada
Head of High-Performance Rowing Canada (Retired)

"In my thirty-plus years of elite Volleyball, I have never met a sports performance professional like Brad Thorpe. Simply put, Brad’s approach to isometric strengthening and sports performance training will forever change the competitive landscape in high-level competitive athletics. I wish he and his patented Isophit were around 25 years ago during my playing career."

Orest Stanko
Volleyball Canada

"As a Medical Doctor with a Master's degree in Public Health from the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health, I would, without reservation, recommend ISOPHIT to anyone looking to optimize their current level of muscular function."

Dr. Larisa Hausmanis M.P.H.

"I have struggled with hypertension, non-specific low back pain, and a decline in my overall health for several years. Enter Brad Thorpe; in less than three weeks, my health is rapidly improving. I am pleased to report that my hypertension and back pain have been resolved by implementing a daily Isometric Exercise routine. I recommend Brad to anyone looking for high-yielding, evidence-based results."

Brian Kashin M.D. FRCPC
Medical Director, Acute Pain Service, North York General Hospital

"I have been isometric strength training with Brad Thorpe for several years. As a family physician, I am focused on prevention and optimizing health. Brad has helped me achieve my fitness goals. I have had the opportunity to recommend him to many of my patients."

Dr. Marla Ash

"Several years after a hemorrhagic stroke, I met Brad Thorpe. As radical as it might sound, his approach to isometric exercise helped transform my quality of life. I would undoubtedly recommend his approach to anyone looking for optimal muscular function."

Dr. Smita Amin

"In the world of professional sports, where player salaries are in the millions, smart teams should be seeking out affiliations with people like Brad Thorpe, who are versed in Muscle Activation Techniques and have earned certification as a Mastery Level Resistance Training Specialist to safeguard their investments."

Dr. Curt McEntire, DC, ATC, NCTMB, MATCS, RTSM

"When my coaches first introduced me to Isophit, I did not believe that isometric strength training with Isophit could help my Volleyball performance. Wow, was I wrong! In two years of Isophit use, I have avoided injury, eliminated my shoulder and knee pain, won many national championships and individual awards. I made Team Canada’s men’s senior A team and added 7 inches to my Spike Height measurement - 12’ 6.5” - to record the second-highest touch height in Volleyball history."

Sharone Vernon-Evans
Team Canada Volleyball

"As Canada's top modeling agency, we understand that our models have to show up prepared and ready to work. That's why for the last several years Spot 6 Management has recommended our models use Isophit Strength Training. I can say there is no better exercise system than Isophit. It helps our models target and build the muscles they need and lose the fat they don't in a fraction of the time. Personally, it has transformed my body. I have lost 30lbs of fat and reshaped my body with just 2 hours of training per week over six months with Isophit."

Matti Matyasfalvi
Spot 6 Model Management

"As a former professional hockey player and director of the StopConcussions Foundation, I have met many sports performance professionals. I'd say Brad Thorpe and his Isophit Strength Training method are at the cutting edge of science and sports performance enhancement."

Kerry Goulet
Co-founder & Director
StopConcussions Foundation

"As a Registered Physiotherapist, professional Beach Volleyball athlete, and Volleyball Canada team member, I can honestly say that I have never experienced a more effective training method than ISOPHIT. Simply put, the results I have experienced with Brad Thorpe and his patented Isophit Strength Trainer in less than four months are incredible."

Sam Pedlow
Team Canada - Beach Volleyball

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