30inThirty Strength Series


The Isophit 30inThirty Strength Training Series is a 30-minute high-intensity isometric strength program. It consists of 10 programs, each progressing in difficulty. There are a total of 30 exercises per program. The aim is to perform 1 repetition for each exercise at maximum intensity for a duration of 45 seconds. The exerciser then has 15 seconds to rest, recover, and transition into the next exercise of the series. Each program contains 10 exercises for the trunk and spine and the upper and lower body.

Repeat 30inThirty program 1 for 24 workouts before progressing to 30inThirty program 2. Repeat the same all the way up to 30inThirty program 10. 


Remember to consult a medical doctor for clearance before beginning a new exercise program. Participate at your own risk. 


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