Why is Isophit Strength Training so effective at improving athletic performance while reducing injury risk?

Prior to all dynamic muscle actions and change of direction events that occur during sport, and sport training and conditioning scenaros. There is an up-regulation of isometric muscle tension within all muscle structures. This increase in isometric muscle tension is required to absorb, transfer, develop, and express force throughout the entire body.

When an athlete is unable to increase their isometric muscle tension to meet the demands of their sport. Their performance will suffer, and/or they will get injured.

Many studies have indicated that lower levels of isometric force generation are associated with increased injury risk, muscle and joint pain, and poor athletic performance.

Don't worry, Isophit Strength Training is the best solution to combat poor isometric muscle function in athletes.

Many studies show that higher rates of isometric force production are associated with a decreased risk of injury, the eliminatation of muscle and joint pain, increased muscle strength and power production, and improved athletic performance.

No matter what sport. Isophit can help optimize athletic performance in a safe, effective, and efficient manner.

We would love the opportunity to help you and your organization.

Isophit Named Hollywood's Newest Celebrity Workout

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  • Derek Millender ~ NBA World Champion Strength Coach

    Isophit strength training has helped me overcome a decade long battle with Quad Tendonitis.

    I am excited to roll Isophit out to my Cavs players this season. The initial feedback has been extremely positive.

  • Andrew Hauser ~ MLB World Series Champion Medical Director

    I absolutely love the simplicity of the Isophit. I think it's a no brainer for teams and individual athletes to add to their gyms. Isometric work is often the missing piece of their training.

  • Bobby Kaleal ~ UFC World Champion Strength Coach | Spire Academy

    As soon as I experiened Isophit. I knew I had to bring it to the Spire Academy. Our athletes and coaching staff love the results.

  • Danny Lum ~ Performance Director Sport Singapore

    Isometric strength training with Isophit helped my athlete avoid the recommended hip surgery and return to sport earlier than expected.

  • Kurt Browning ~ 4x World Figure Skating Champion

    At 56 years old, the only reason I am still able to perform on the ice is because of Isophit. I feel stronger, and more stable after every workout.

  • Kevin Rand ~ Former MLB Medical Director

    Isophit has helped me regain a sense of strength and stability. I am happy to stand by this product and recommend this method of isometric strength training to my peers, athletes, and friends.

  • Jason Walsh ~ Founder Rise Movement

    We incorporated Isophit strength training with all our clients at Rise Movement. Honestly, the Isophit M.S.K is one of the best products I have experienced over the last decade. I ordered it for the studio within minutes of trying it for the first time. Isophit is a must have.

  • Alissa Czisny ~ 4x US Figure Skating Champion

    Having retired from professional figure skating after my 3rd hip sugury. My daily Isophit strength training give me the strength, stability, and confidence I needed to revitalize my professional skating career.

  • Mike Guevara ~ Founder GBG Hoops, NBA Strength and Conditioning Specialist

    The Isophit is one of my must-have performance product. I use it for pre-game warm ups, performance training, and injury and pain prevention. Isophit is definiately something I can not live without.

  • Phil Monckton - 3x Olympian and Former Head of Performance for Rowing Canada

    I thought I had experienced everything in performance training. Then in 2016, I was introduced to Isophit. As a masters athlete, Isophit allows me to still train and perform at my highest level.

  • Sharone Vernon-Evans ~ Professional and Olympic Volleyball Player Team Canada

    I love Isophit so much I just purchased one for my professional Volleyball team in Japan. If you're a Volleyball athlete, you need to incorporate Isophit into your performance training program.

  • Dr. Tyler Lesher ~ Head Trainer UCLA Mens Basketball & Golf

    I love the concept, method, and product. The Isophit has become a fixture in our training room at UCLA.

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