Why is Isophit Strength Training so effective at improving athletic performance while reducing injury risk?

Prior to engaging in dynamic muscle actions and change of direction events in sports, as well as during sport training and conditioning scenarios, there is a significant increase in isometric muscle tension throughout all muscle structures. This heightened tension plays a crucial role in absorbing, transferring, developing, and expressing force throughout the entire body. When athletes are unable to adequately increase their isometric muscle tension to meet the demands of their sport, their performance is likely to suffer, and they may be at a higher risk of injury.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that lower levels of isometric force generation are associated with an increased risk of injury, muscle and joint pain, and diminished athletic performance. Fortunately, Isophit Strength Training provides an excellent solution for addressing poor isometric muscle function in athletes. Multiple studies have shown that higher rates of isometric force production are linked to a decreased risk of injury, alleviation of muscle and joint pain, enhanced muscle strength and power production, and improved athletic performance across various sports.

Regardless of the sport, Isophit offers a safe, effective, and efficient approach to optimize athletic performance.

Isophit is Proud to Supply a Number of Teams Throughout the Basketball World. Here we Celebrate Their Players Accomplishments this Season.

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  • Derek Millender ~ NBA World Champion Strength Coach

    Isophit strength training has helped me overcome a decade long battle with Quad Tendonitis.

    I am excited to roll Isophit out to my Cavs players this season. The initial feedback has been extremely positive.

  • Andrew Hauser ~ MLB World Series Champion Medical Director

    I absolutely love the simplicity of the Isophit. I think it's a no brainer for teams and individual athletes to add to their gyms. Isometric work is often the missing piece of their training.

  • Bobby Kaleal ~ UFC World Champion Strength Coach | Spire Academy

    As soon as I experiened Isophit. I knew I had to bring it to the Spire Academy. Our athletes and coaching staff love the results.

  • Danny Lum ~ Performance Director Sport Singapore

    Isometric strength training with Isophit helped my athlete avoid the recommended hip surgery and return to sport earlier than expected.

  • Kurt Browning ~ 4x World Figure Skating Champion

    At 56 years old, the only reason I am still able to perform on the ice is because of Isophit. I feel stronger, and more stable after every workout.

  • Kevin Rand ~ Former MLB Medical Director

    Isophit has helped me regain a sense of strength and stability. I am happy to stand by this product and recommend this method of isometric strength training to my peers, athletes, and friends.

  • Jason Walsh ~ Founder Rise Movement

    We incorporated Isophit strength training with all our clients at Rise Movement. Honestly, the Isophit M.S.K is one of the best products I have experienced over the last decade. I ordered it for the studio within minutes of trying it for the first time. Isophit is a must have.

  • Alissa Czisny ~ 4x US Figure Skating Champion

    Having retired from professional figure skating after my 3rd hip sugury. My daily Isophit strength training give me the strength, stability, and confidence I needed to revitalize my professional skating career.

  • Mike Guevara ~ Founder GBG Hoops, NBA Strength and Conditioning Specialist

    The Isophit is one of my must-have performance product. I use it for pre-game warm ups, performance training, and injury and pain prevention. Isophit is definiately something I can not live without.

  • Phil Monckton - 3x Olympian and Former Head of Performance for Rowing Canada

    I thought I had experienced everything in performance training. Then in 2016, I was introduced to Isophit. As a masters athlete, Isophit allows me to still train and perform at my highest level.

  • Sharone Vernon-Evans ~ Professional and Olympic Volleyball Player Team Canada

    I love Isophit so much I just purchased one for my professional Volleyball team in Japan. If you're a Volleyball athlete, you need to incorporate Isophit into your performance training program.

  • Dr. Tyler Lesher ~ Head Trainer UCLA Mens Basketball & Golf

    I love the concept, method, and product. The Isophit has become a fixture in our training room at UCLA.

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  • US Army

  • Cleveland Cavaliers

  • FBI

  • Philadelphia 76ers

  • Red Bull Athlete Performance Center

  • Bristol Bears

  • Minnesota Timberwolves

  • Miami Heat

  • Houston Rockets

  • Carolina Panthers

  • Sporting KC

  • Club America

  • A.S. Monaco

  • Lyon Asvel

  • Black House MMA

  • UCLA Bruins

  • Spire Institute

  • Sport Singapore

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Strength and Conditioning Coach

Adding isometric strength training with Isophit can have several benefits for a strength and conditioning coach, which can help acquire more clients, improve their athletes' performance, and reduce their athletes' risk of injury.

Here are a few ways in which this can happen:

1. Improved performance: Isometric strength training with Isophit can help improve an athlete's strength, power, and endurance. This, in turn, can translate into better athletic performance in various activities including running, jumping, throwing, and more. As a coach, if you can demonstrate the effectiveness of Isophit in improving your athletes' performance, it can help attract more clients to your training programs.

2. Reduced risk of injury: Isometric strength training with Isophit can help improve an athlete's muscular endurance and stability, which can help reduce their risk of injury. This is particularly important for athletes participating in high-impact activities or sports with a high risk of injury. As a coach, if you can demonstrate how incorporating Isophit into your training programs can help reduce the risk of injuries, it can help attract more athletes to train with you.

3. Customizable workouts: Isophit allows coaches to create customized workouts based on an athlete's specific needs and fitness goals. This can help the coach tailor the training program to the athlete's individual needs, which can result in better outcomes. As a coach, if you can provide personalized training programs using Isophit, it can help differentiate your services from those of other coaches.

Overall, incorporating isometric strength training with Isophit can provide several benefits to coaches and their athletes. By focusing on performance improvement and injury prevention, coaches can leverage these benefits to acquire new clients, improve athletes' performance, and reduce the risk of injuries.


Increasing isometric muscle strength and rate of isometric force development can provide several benefits to an athlete. Here are some examples:

1. Increased Stability and Balance: Isometric exercises involve holding a muscle contraction in a static position without any joint movement. This type of exercise can help an athlete improve their stability and balance by strengthening the muscles that stabilize the joints.

2. Improved Explosiveness and Power: Rate of force development is a measure of how quickly an athlete can produce force. By increasing their isometric muscle strength and rate of force development, an athlete can generate more explosive power and perform at a higher level in sports that require short bursts of intense activity.

3. Injury Prevention: Stronger muscles are better able to withstand the stress placed on them during sports activities, and therefore less likely to experience injury. Isometric exercises can help an athlete reduce the risk of injury by strengthening the muscles around the joints and improving overall stability.

4. Improved Endurance: Isometric exercises can also help an athlete to increase their endurance by improving their ability to maintain a contraction over a longer period of time. This can be especially beneficial for athletes who participate in endurance sports such as long-distance running or cycling.

Overall, increasing isometric muscle strength and rate of force development can help an athlete to perform better, prevent injury and enhance their overall athletic ability.

Military Service

Increasing isometric muscle strength and rate of isometric force development can provide multiple benefits to military servicemen.

Firstly, it can improve their overall physical performance and endurance, allowing them to perform their duties for longer periods of time without succumbing to muscle fatigue or injury.

Secondly, increased isometric strength can help with various military tasks such as lifting and carrying heavy equipment, climbing ropes and walls, and crossing rugged terrain. It can also enhance their ability to hold weapons steady and accurately, improving their shooting accuracy and reaction time.

Thirdly, improved rate of isometric force development can be particularly beneficial in close-quarters combat situations, where quick and explosive force is required. This can help military servicemen to react quickly to sudden movement, and to move with greater speed and agility in situations that require rapid response times.

Overall, increasing isometric muscle strength and rate of isometric force development can help military servicemen to better accomplish their missions, and to keep themselves and those around them safe in challenging and sometimes dangerous situations.

Fitness Center

Providing club members with an Isophit Strength Training Zone can offer numerous benefits for their health and performance goals, as well as enhance their overall member experience. Here are a few ways in which adding Isophit can benefit your club:

- Improved Strength and Endurance: The Isophit 316 Strength kits provide a unique strength training experience that can help members improve their strength and endurance by working multiple muscle groups at once. This can lead to better overall physical fitness and performance, as well as prevent injury.

- Variety in Workouts: By offering Isophit as part of your club's fitness offerings, you can provide members with a new and exciting way to workout. This can keep them engaged and excited about coming to the club, which can in turn help with member retention and acquisition.

- Personalized Training Opportunities: The Isophit 316 Strength kits can be used for Small Group Training or Private Isophit Strength Coaching. This presents an opportunity for your club to generate additional revenue streams while offering members personalized training opportunities that can help them better reach their fitness goals.

In terms of member retention, offering Isophit as part of your club's offerings can help keep members engaged and excited about their workouts. When members feel as though they are getting new and exciting workout opportunities, they are more likely to continue coming to the club. Additionally, offering personalized training opportunities like Small Group Training and Private Isophit Strength Coaching can help members feel as though they are receiving more specialized attention, which can strengthen their connection to the club and increase their likelihood of staying as members.

Finally, offering Isophit as part of your club's offerings can help with member acquisition by providing an additional selling point for potential members. When people are looking for a gym to join, they often look for clubs that offer unique and exciting options for fitness. By adding Isophit to your club's offerings, you can enhance the overall value of joining, which can help with member acquisition. 

In conclusion, adding an Isophit Strength Training Zone with ten Isophit 316 Strength kits can provide numerous benefits for your club and your members. From improved physical fitness and performance to additional revenue streams and member retention and acquisition, Isophit can be a valuable addition to any gym's offerings.

Sports Organization

Increasing a team's peak isometric muscle force, isometric strength endurance, and rate of isometric force development can have several benefits for a sports organization. 

Firstly, focusing on these aspects of strength training can help improve the overall health of players. By building their strength and endurance, players can reduce their risk of injury and recover more quickly from injuries. This means that the team can have more consistent availability from their key players, which can improve their overall performance.

Secondly, increased muscle force and strength endurance can also improve players' performance on the field. In many sports, being able to maintain a high level of strength and power throughout a game can be critical to success. By increasing their isometric strength and endurance, players can maintain their performance levels for longer periods of time, which can help the team secure more wins.

Thirdly, improving isometric strength and force development can enhance the overall fan experience. Fans want to see their favorite players performing at their best and winning games. When a team is consistently able to field its strongest players and perform at a high level, fans are more likely to be engaged with the team and excited about the games.

Finally, improving these strength training factors can enhance the team's opportunities to contending for championships. In many sports, championships are won by the team with the most physically dominant players who can maintain a high level of performance throughout the course of the playoffs. By building their isometric strength and endurance, teams can increase their chances of performing at a high level during this critical time period.Overall, improving a team's peak isometric muscle force, isometric strength endurance and rate of isometric force development can help improve player health, performance, fan experience, and championship opportunities.

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