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30inThirty™ Strength Series - [15 Digital Posters]

30inThirty™ Strength Series - [15 Digital Posters]

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Our 30inThirty™ Strength Series combines the benefits of Yoga, Weight Lifting, and High-Intensity Interval Training in an action-packed 30-minute isometric strength training workout that you and your members will love. 

Each program is divided into 10 Upper Body, 10 Lower Body, and 10 Core exercises. 

There are fifteen 30inThirty programs in all. 

Important Information

For public/private instruction. Instructors are required to be Isophit Certified Strength Coaches. 

Businesses are required to pay an annual licensing fee of $1500 per location to teach Isophit 30inThirty Strength Classes.

On-site staff training and certification course are available. 

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