Isophit: Activating Muscle is the Key to Elite Athletic Performance.

Isophit: Activating Muscle is the Key to Elite Athletic Performance.

In the pursuit of peak athletic performance, finding the most effective methods to activate muscle tissue is crucial. Isometric strength training has emerged as a sports preparation technique that outperforms both concentric and eccentric muscle contractions in activating muscles. Today we explore the importance of isometric strength training, compared to other muscle contractions, and highlight Isophit as a safe and effective tool for enhancing muscle activation.


Research has shown that neural drive inhibition may be a possible cause of reduced muscle activation during maximal dynamic contractions. Babault et al. conducted a study titled "Activation of human quadriceps femoris during isometric, concentric, and eccentric contractions," which sheds light on this aspect. The study revealed that activation levels during maximal eccentric and concentric contractions were significantly lower compared to maximal isometric contractions. The mean activation levels during the former were 88.3% and 89.7%, respectively, while maximal isometric contractions exhibited an impressive activation level of 95.2%.


These findings suggest that neural drive inhibition occurs during dynamic muscle contractions. Inhibition limits a muscle’s ability to activate which may increase injury risk and reduce performance. Isometric strength training, on the other hand, allows for sustained maximal muscle activation without inhibitory effects. By contracting a muscle into an immovable restraint, isometric contractions activate a greater number of motor units, leading to enhanced muscle recruitment and strength gains. This will give your athlete the competitive advantage they need to win.


Isophit provides strength and conditioning coaches and their athletes a safe and effective platform to perform isometric exercises in a time efficient manner. The beauty of Isophit lies in its versatility and adaptability to various muscle groups, making it an ideal choice for athletes seeking comprehensive muscle activation. Isophit can easily activate all 640 muscles in an athletes body.


By utilizing Isophit, athletes can engage in isometric exercises that target specific muscle groups with precision. Whether it's the quadriceps, deltoids, or any other muscle, Isophit ensures that each contraction activates the target muscle to its fullest potential. This method promotes both strength and stability, enabling athletes to improve their overall performance and reduce the risk of injury.


Isometric strength training has proven its superiority in activating muscle tissue compared to concentric and eccentric contractions. Dynamic contractions may lead to reduced neural drive, inhibiting maximal muscle activation. Isophit, a safe and effective tool, provides athletes with the means to enhance muscle activation efficiently and effectively. Incorporating isometric training with Isophit into your workout routine can elevate your performance and help unleash your full athletic potential.


Huge shoutout to Isophit family member Steeve Louissaint and Cherif Laye for the photo. Cherif is a rising academy star within the Lyon Asvel organization. Victor Wembanyama won the 2022 LNB title with the Lyon Asvel. The Lyon Asvel has been an Isophit family member since 2017.


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