Isophit: Helping People Move Better Without Moving.

Isophit: Helping People Move Better Without Moving.

Imagine gaining the ability to improve your motor skills without physically moving a muscle. Recent research has shed light on a groundbreaking training paradigm known as isometric contractions, which allows individuals to enhance their dynamic motor control through nonmoving techniques. In a pioneering study by Melendez-Calderon et al. (2017), the feasibility of learning movement dynamics without actual motion was explored. Their findings not only challenged traditional notions but also add support to novel training methods like Isophit. Today we delve into the intriguing results of their study and discuss how training with Isophit, could enhance motor control.


Melendez-Calderon et al. devised an experiment where participants exerted forces on a handle while their arms remained statically constrained. A virtual arm, simulated using precise force measurements, provided visual feedback to participants, creating an illusion of movement. The participants were trained to compensate for velocity-dependent force fields in this virtual environment. Remarkably, the study found that individuals successfully acquired these dynamic motor skills and were able to transfer them to real-life, free motion conditions.


This study marks a significant breakthrough, demonstrating that training without actual movement can lead to notable improvements in motor control. Drawing from these findings, the potential applications for isometric training, such as the use of Isophit, become apparent. Our state-of-the-art isometric training device allows users to exert force in multiple planes while remaining stationary. By engaging in regular Isophit sessions throughout the week, individuals can actively enhance their motor control abilities.


Read the study here.


Ultimately, our “nonmoving” training technique has the potential to revolutionize motor control improvement, especially in situations where physical movement may be restricted or not feasible. Whether you are an athlete striving to enhance performance or an individual seeking to regain motor control following an injury, Isophit's isometric training could unlock your untapped potential.


Isometric strength training will Isophit empowers individuals to transcend the boundaries of traditional training methods, fostering significant enhancements in dynamic motor control. Embrace this groundbreaking approach, and unleash your true motor control potential with Isophit. The future of training is here, and it does not require you to move a muscle.


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