Isophit Joins Forces With America's Cup Challenger the Orient Express Racing Team

Isophit Joins Forces With America's Cup Challenger the Orient Express Racing Team

The French Challenger has welcomed the innovative training equipment company Isophit as an official donator for the 37th America's Cup in Barcelona next year.

The collaboration, which will see France's sailing team equipped with cutting-edge isometric strength training equipment, underscores Isophit's commitment to supporting elite athletes in their pursuit of excellence.

Racing for the 37th America’s Cup will be as much a battle of physical performance as sailing skill. The AC75s are incredibly powerful, capable of reaching speeds exceeding 100 km/h. The sailors must be in peak physical condition to effectively handle these boats. Orient Express Racing Team’s sports scientist Kilian Philippe has put in place an adapted sports programme that offers the sailors a mix of dynamic and static exercises. The Isophit training solutions will play a crucial role in enhancing the Orient Express Racing Team 's physical conditioning and performance on the water.

Kilian Philippe said: "Isometric exercises, which help to strengthen connective tissue and develop strength transfer, create a solid base for achieving a specific goal. They are ideal for preparing for major challenges. The Orient Express Racing Team uses Isophit on a daily basis. It's an essential tool for developing the robustness, resilience and sport-specific requirements of our sailors. More power, fewer injuries! Thanks to Brad Thorpe and his company for their support.”

And Brad Thorpe, the CEO and creator of Isophit, added: "Our innovative technology has been adopted by athletes across a range of sporting disciplines, improving their strength, endurance and overall fitness. Since 2013, we have been committed to supporting elite athletes in their quest for excellence. We are extremely proud that the French team has adopted our solution, and to be part of Orient Express Racing Team's journey to victory."

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