Who is Brad Thorpe? And, what are people saying about him and Isophit?

Who is Brad Thorpe? And, what are people saying about him and Isophit?

In addition to being a die-hard husband and loving father. Brad Thorpe is a widely recognized name in the world of isometric strength training, with an impressive career spanning over 29 years in the fitness and performance industry. He has solidified his position as a leading expert in this field. As a serial entrepreneur and the inventive mind behind Isophit, Brad has revolutionized the way health and fitness enthusiasts, and athletes approach strength training.

In 2015, Brad introduced Isophit to the world, and since then, it has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity. Today, the Isophit family boasts over 360 members across 32 countries, including prestigious organizations like the US Army, FBI, and renowned professional sports teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Houston Rockets. Notable luxury spas and country clubs such as Canyon Ranch and the award-winning Boca West Country Club have also adopted Isophit into their training programs.

One of Brad's most significant accomplishments was becoming the 21st specialist to hold both the Resistance Training Specialist Mastery Level Specialist and Muscle Activation Techniques Certified Specialist designations in 2006. This impressive feat speaks volumes about his expertise and unwavering dedication to advancing his understanding of human function and performance.

Beyond his innovative inventions, Brad has made substantial contributions to the fitness industry. With an impressive portfolio of 24 issued patents, he consistently pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of strength training. The effectiveness of his methods is further validated by the testimonials of athletes, professionals, and doctors who have experienced remarkable results.

Kurt Browning, a four-time World Figure Skating Champion, credits Brad's approach for helping him recover from a severe injury and regain strength and functionality. Similarly, the former head of high performance for rowing Canada and Olympic Bronze Medalist Phil Monckton attests to the transformative effects of Brad's isometric-based performance training, which allowed him to train without injury and achieve optimal results. Orest Stanko, one of Canadian Universities winningest Volleyball Coaches, firmly believes that Brad's approach to isometric strengthening will revolutionize competitive athletics.

Brad's methods have also garnered the endorsement of medical professionals. Dr. Larisa Hausmanis, a Medical Doctor with a Master's degree in Public Health from Harvard, recommends Isophit to optimize muscular function. Dr. Brian Kashin, the Medical Director of Acute Pain Service at North York General Hospital, experienced significant health improvements after implementing Brad's isometric exercise routine.

Dr. Marla Ash, a family physician focused on prevention and health optimization, uses Isophit herself and has referred many patients to Brad, recognizing the effectiveness of Isophit. Dr. Smita Amin, who suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, credits Brad's approach to isometric exercise for transforming her quality of life.

Kerry Goulet, a former professional hockey player and director of the StopConcussions Foundation, recognizes Brad's method as cutting-edge science in sports performance enhancement.

Brad's expertise also extends to safeguarding investments in professional sports. Dr. Curt McEntire, a board-certified Chiropractor and Athletic Therapist, emphasizes the importance of professionals like Brad and his methods in protecting a sports organization's player personnel.

The success stories continue with testimonials from top athletes and industry professionals. Sharone Vernon-Evans, a member of Team Canada Volleyball, attributes his remarkable achievements to Isophit, including injury avoidance, pain elimination, and increased spike height. Matti Matyasfalvi, from Spot 6 Model Management, testifies to the effectiveness of Isophit in helping Canada's top models achieve their fitness goals and transform their bodies.

Isophit has received acclaim from various professionals and organizations in the industry. Former medical directors of sports teams like the LA Dodgers and Detroit Tigers, as well as renowned training facilities like Rise Movement and Spire Academy, have endorsed Isophit. The consensus is clear—Isophit is a must-have in any comprehensive training program.

Through Jason Walsh of Rise Movement, Isophit is now used by many of today's top Hollywood celebrities, including Zoe Saldana and Tracee Ellis Ross.

Brad Thorpe's impact on the fitness industry cannot be overstated. Through his invention of Isophit and his innovative approach to isometric strength training, Brad Thorpe has revolutionized how athletes train and achieve optimal performance. His expertise, backed by numerous patents and endorsements from top athletes and medical professionals, solidifies his position as a pioneer in the field.

Alissa Czisny, a four-time US Figure Skating Champion, credits Isophit for revitalizing her professional skating career after multiple hip surgeries. Mike Guevara, an NBA strength and conditioning specialist, swears by Isophit for pre-game warm-ups, performance training, and injury prevention. Sharone Vernon-Evans, a professional volleyball player, highlights the importance of Isophit in his training regimen, contributing to his success on and off the court.

Brad's methods have also garnered praise from renowned institutions like UCLA. Dr. Tyler Lesher, head trainer for UCLA Men's Basketball and Golf, has incorporated Isophit into their training room, highlighting its significance in their athletes' development.

With Isophit, Brad Thorpe has simplified and optimized isometric strength training. Isophit's unique design allows individuals to target specific muscle groups, correct imbalances, and prevent injuries.

Moreover, Isophit's impact extends beyond the athletic realm. It has proven effective for individuals seeking improved health and well-being. Through isometric exercises, Isophit training helped NBA World Champion Strength Coach Derek Millender overcome his decade-long battle with quad tendonitis. Dr. Brian Kashin resolved his hypertension and back pain, and Dr. Smita Amin endorses Brad's methods as evidence-based and highly effective.

Brad Thorpe's innovative approach to isometric strength training and his invention, Isophit, have transformed the way athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals approach their fitness goals. With an extensive network of endorsements and success stories, it's clear that Brad's methods yield exceptional results.

As Brad continues to refine and expand his contributions to the fitness industry, it is evident that Isophit will remain at the forefront of cutting-edge training techniques. With his passion, expertise, and dedication, Brad Thorpe continues to shape the future of isometric strength training, empowering individuals worldwide to achieve their highest level of performance and well-being. 

Whether it's professional athletes looking to enhance their performance, individuals recovering from injuries, or fitness enthusiasts striving to reach their goals, Brad's Isophit method provides a game-changing solution. The transformative power of Isophit is undeniable, and its impact will continue to resonate in the world of fitness for years to come.

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