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Isophit Studio Business Licence

Isophit Studio Business Licence

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Used by Hollywood's A-List Celebrities, and athletes across the NBA, NFL, MLB, UFC, MLS, and NCAA. Isophit is set to explode onto the world's sports performance and fitness markets.  
Introducing the Isophit Business License - your opportunity to tap into the rapidly growing market of isometric strength training. With our patented Isophit Strength Kit, you can offer your clients an innovative and effective way to build strength, increase power, and improve overall health.
Our easy-to-follow marketing and sales guide will show you how to attract and retain clients with our proprietary 30inThirty isometric strength classes. With high revenue potential and low operational costs, the Isophit Business License is the ultimate turn-key solution for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to make a name for themselves in the fitness industry.
With an average per person per class spend of $30. Our 10-unit business model has the potential to generate $438,000 in gross revenue per year with 2 hours of class programming per day (4 x 30inThirty classes per day). If you're ambitious you could double or triple the class volumes per day to increase the potential revenue. 
The cost of the business license is approximately $800 per month on a 60-month business finance term (OAC). 
Join the Isophit family today and take your fitness business to the next level!
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