Isophit: A Safer and More Effective Way to Lose Weight.

Isophit: A Safer and More Effective Way to Lose Weight.

Obesity is on the verge of surpassing heart disease as the leading cause of premature death in America.


Today, we aim to inspire and empower individuals who struggle with obesity by introducing them to a transformative solution they may not have tried before—Isophit. Our intention is not to shame, but to offer a genuinely effective approach to those seeking a positive change in their health and well-being.


A few years ago, during a visit to a retirement community in south Florida, I found myself asking, "Where are all the obese people?" The response I received opened my eyes to a harsh reality—they’re all dead!!!.


If you are someone who desires to make a change in your health status, especially if you identify as fat or obese, we invite you to continue reading. However, if you feel unready for this journey, I strongly encourage you to return when the time is right for you.


Before we proceed, let's address the fact that poor lifestyle choices and lack of knowledge contribute to approximately 90% of obesity cases. While there are medical factors at play that can lead to excessive adipose tissue, it is crucial to acknowledge that these metabolic conditions initially affect only 10% of the population.


Throughout my career, I have worked with many individuals struggling with obesity. Some have endured traumatic experiences such as childhood sexual assault, while others had parents who, due to socio-economic circumstances, fed them unhealthy food. In rare cases, individuals have faced medically diagnosed metabolic conditions leading to obesity. In these instances, the condition contributed to obesity, rather than the other way around.


Here's the hard truth: Once you find yourself in the grip of obesity, the reasons behind it and how you feel about it become secondary. The harsh reality is that your chances of living a long and healthy life are significantly diminished.


Watch: Isometrics for Fat Loss



But fear not, for we have prepared a roadmap to guide you back to better health.


Step One: The First 30 Days


Begin and end each day by dedicating five minutes to isometric strength training exercises. During this initial step, avoid dieting, weightlifting, or engaging in cardiovascular exercises.


Step Two: Beyond 30 Days


Gradually increase your workout duration to 10 minutes in the morning and evening.


In the morning, perform the following five exercises: complete each exercise sequence once during step one and twice during step two, dedicating 45 seconds to each exercise. Allow yourself only a 15-second rest between repetitions.


1. Isometric Squat

2. Deadlift

3. Seated Trunk Rotation - Left

4. Seated Trunk Rotation - Right

5. Standing Shoulder Extension with Full Supination


In the evening, incorporate these five exercises into your routine will prepare your body to sleep better: again, perform each exercise sequence once during step one and twice during step two, allocating 45 seconds to each exercise. Maintain a 15-second rest between repetitions.


1. Standing Hip Abduction - Left

2. Standing Hip Abduction - Right

3. Seated Trunk Rotation with Side Bend - Left

4. Seated Trunk Rotation with Side Bend - Right

5. Seat Trunk Extension with Cervical Flexion


Now, you may wonder why we have structured the program in this manner. Our primary objective is to establish a solid foundation of isometric muscle strength and stability to enhance your ability to optimize caloric expenditure and movement potential.


For individuals struggling with obesity, dynamic exercises are considerably less effective than isometric strength training in activating muscles. Moreover, dynamic exercise fails to effectively increase blood flow into adipose tissue. Additionally, dynamic exercises carry hidden risks that can lead to pain and injury, potentially discouraging continued participation. One such risk is rotational inertia, calculated as the product of Mass multiplied by Radius Squared (rI = M x R^2).


Studies have demonstrated that 30 seconds of maximum isometric muscle contractions burn a comparable number of calories to 30 seconds of maximum sprinting on a per muscle basis. These findings delve deeper into the effectiveness of isometric contractions.


Research reveals that isometric contractions activate muscle tissue 8-12% more than concentric or eccentric muscle contractions. Since muscles burn calories, enhancing isometric force generation can significantly increase metabolic activity during rest and exercise. Additionally, during a sustained isometric contraction, blood flow to the muscle is occluded and diverted into local adipose tissue. Studies suggest that sustained isometric muscle contractions can increase blood flow to adipose tissue by an astounding 700%. This increase in blood flow is vital for metabolizing stored fat—an essential process hampered by obesity.


Furthermore, rotational inertia poses one of the greatest risks for obese individuals during exercise. Imagining the execution of a thousand or more uncontrolled repetitions underscores the increased likelihood of pain and injury. Without first building isometric muscle strength, engaging in higher-velocity repetitive movements only escalates the risk of harm.


If you seek the ultimate solution to obesity, look no further than Isophit.


Huge shoutout to Erick Pineda and the rest of our team at IsophitMX for all their success. Maria lost 3 dress sizes in 22 days on our Isophit 30inThirty program: photo below.


Join us on this empowering journey toward a healthier future. For further information on isometric strength training and its profound impact on functional health and performance, visit our website at or reach out to me via my email at


Yours in Isometric Strength,


Brad Thorpe

CEO / Inventor


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