Isophit: Swing Batter Batter Swing.

Isophit: Swing Batter Batter Swing.

Baseball hitting performance relies on a combination of skill, technique, and physical attributes. Recent research conducted by Christopher A. Bailey et al. explored the relationship between isometric force production characteristics and offensive performance in collegiate baseball players. The study revealed significant correlations between peak isometric strength, rate of isometric force development, and offensive performance variables such as home runs, slugging percentage, and doubles. These findings emphasize the importance of maximizing isometric muscle strength and improving rate of isometric force development to enhance baseball athletes' overall performance.


“I absolutely love the simplicity of the Isophit. I think it's a no brainer for teams and individual athletes to add to their gyms. Isometric work is often the missing piece of their training.”


Andrew Hauser ~ MLB World Series Champion Medical Director LA Dodgers & Atlanta Braves


Bailey's study demonstrated that players who can generate high forces quickly exhibit better offensive performance. Strong correlations were observed between rate of force development and doubles, slugging percentage, and home runs. Instantaneous high forces measured at early time periods also showed strong relationships with slugging percentage and home runs. These findings align with previous research that highlights the significance of vertical ground reaction forces in hitting, occurring just milliseconds before ball contact. Higher rate of force development not only contributes to power but also aids players in adjusting to different pitch types and locations.


The study's findings have practical implications for strength and conditioning coaches working with baseball athletes. To optimize hitting performance, coaches should focus on exercises that enhance the athlete's ability to generate high levels of isometric forces and improve rate of isometric force development. Investing in specialized training equipment, like Isophit, can be instrumental in helping baseball athletes unlock their full potential.


“Isophit has helped me regain a sense of strength and stability. I am happy to stand by this product and recommend this method of isometric strength training to my peers, athletes, and friends.”


Kevin Rand ~ Former MLB Medical Director Detroit Tigers


The relationship between isometric force production characteristics and offensive performance in baseball is evident. Enhancing isometric muscle strength and rate of isometric force development can significantly impact a player's hitting performance. Coaches should prioritize exercises that promote the development of large forces and rate of force development, as these factors contribute to power, adjustability, and overall offensive success. By incorporating advanced training tools like Isophit, baseball athletes can optimize their isometric muscle strength and rate of isometric force development, ultimately elevating their performance on the field.


Huge shoutout to Isophit family members Andrew Hauser (former head medical director of the World Champion LA Dodgers and Atlanta Braves) and Kevin Rand (former head medical director of the Detroit Tigers). I appreciate all your support.


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