Resumed Dreams:  Alissa Czisny's Return to the Ice

Resumed Dreams: Alissa Czisny's Return to the Ice

Devoting her life to the ice, Alissa Czisny poured her heart and soul into perfecting every spin, jump, and graceful glide. Soaring through the ranks, she became a two-time U.S. National Figure Skating Champion and captured numerous prestigious titles.

Imagine you're at the top of the world, America's darling, a two-time US National Champion. Just a year away from living your dream of representing the United States of America at the Winter Olympic Games. Then, heartbreak strikes. You tear your hip labrum and require your second hip surgery in 3 years. Your Olympic dreams are shattered. Your career is seemingly over. You give it one more try to come back and tear your hip labrum again. Three major hip surgeries over a five-year span.

In the prime of her career, Alissa's world came crashing down as her body failed, cutting deep into her very being. Missing the Olympics, forced to retire at such a young age, and letting go of her dreams seemed unimaginably difficult. The ice that had once been her sanctuary became a constant reminder of what she had lost.

Thankfully, in 2018, Alissa discovered Isophit through her now husband, four-time world figure skating champion, Kurt Browning. Immediately seeing the possibility, she embarked on a journey of physical and emotional healing. Isophit became her lifeline, speeding up her recovery process. Each Isophit session fueled her determination to rebuild her body, regaining the strength and stability she thought were lost.

With Isophit, the road to recovery was surprisingly easy. Her body responded quickly as the lost strength in her hips resurfaced, and the stability she lacked returned. With renewed trust in her physicality, the intricate moves and breathtaking jumps that defined her artistry graced the ice again.

In 2019, after just five months of Isophit strength training, the unthinkable became reality. Alissa, against all odds, stood atop the podium as the U.S. Professional Open Grand Champion. Redemption! It was a moment forever etched in her memory, a testament to her resilience and determination and the power of Isophit to resurrect dreams.

Alissa's journey didn't end with that one victory. She went on to win the U.S. Professional Open Grand Champion title for the second time in 2021. The isometric strength she built with Isophit not only rekindled her love for skating but also gave her the strength and confidence required to perform triples again—an essential element for most major international Figure Skating tours.

With newfound strength and unyielding determination, Alissa graced the ice with the prestigious Stars On Ice tour in 2022 and 2023. The applause, adulation, and sheer joy of performing reignited the fire within her soul.

Alissa's story is a reminder of the immense courage and strength required to rise from the depths of injury. Her journey from triumph to heartbreak to triumph serves as an inspiration to young skaters facing their own setbacks. Isophit, with its transformative power, has not only given Alissa a second chance but also reignited her passion and given her life a renewed sense of purpose.

As Alissa laces up her skates and steps onto the ice, her heart overflows with gratitude. The road she has traveled has been paved with hardships and joy. Isophit has become more than a training method; it has become her symbol of strength and stability that powers her body, mind, and spirit.

It's been an honour to work with Alissa over the last several years. If you have injuries that are preventing you from returning to the life you want. Maybe Isophit can help you in the way it helped Alissa.

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Yours in Isometric Strength,

Brad Thorpe

CEO / Inventor


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