Isophit: Build Strength, Burn Fat, & Save Time.

Isophit: Build Strength, Burn Fat, & Save Time.

Isometric exercise has long been recognized as an effective method for muscle strength training. Research conducted by Petrofsky et al. sheds light on the benefits of isometric exercise, particularly in relation to weight loss. I examine the findings of the study and explore the potential of Isophit strength training as a means to achieve significant weight loss results.


Petrofsky et al. discovered that isometric exercise results in rapid increases in muscle strength. The study participants experienced a remarkable 20% increase in muscle strength with only 7 minutes of daily isometric exercise over 1 month. Additionally, isometric training led to a reduction in resting blood pressure and heart rate, indicating improved cardiovascular health.


Surprisingly, the benefits of isometric training were not limited to muscle strength alone. Petrofsky et al. observed significant weight and girth loss among the study participants. After just 2 weeks, the average waist circumference reduction was 3.0 cm, equivalent to one pant or dress size. After 4 weeks, the loss increased to 3.3 cm. Furthermore, some participants experienced substantial weight loss, with some individuals losing up to 8.4 kg in the first 2 weeks and 10.1 kg after 4 weeks.


Building upon the findings of the study, Isophit strength training emerges as a promising approach for individuals seeking effective weight loss results. With Isophit strength training individuals can expect to combine the benefits of isometric exercise with sustained effort over a longer duration. This extended training period may lead to even more pronounced weight loss and girth reduction outcomes.


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Isometric exercise, as demonstrated by Petrofsky et al., offers remarkable benefits for muscle strength and cardiovascular health. The study's findings also highlight the potential for isometric exercise to contribute to significant weight loss and girth reduction. Integrating Isophit strength training, with its recommended three-hour weekly regimen (6 x 30-minute 30inThirty workouts), can provide individuals with a structured approach to leverage the power of isometric exercise for achieving their weight loss goals. By incorporating isometric exercise into their fitness routines, individuals can embark on a journey toward improved strength, cardiovascular health, and enhanced body composition.


Huge shoutout to Isophit family member Maya Dalal. Maya is a board certified Physiotherapist.


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