Undead…The Incredible Story of Keith Crist.  AKA, the Isophit Zombie.

Undead…The Incredible Story of Keith Crist. AKA, the Isophit Zombie.

Meet Keith Crist, our super lovable "Isophit Zombie."

Emerging from the depths of death, Keith's story is nothing short of extraordinary. Keith's remarkable journey serves as an inspiring beacon of hope and resilience. Despite grappling with stage 4 lymphoma in 2013 and enduring multiple heart attacks, his unwavering spirit has triumphed over adversity. Through the unwavering support of his loved ones and the transformative power of Isophit, Keith has not only rebuilt his isometric strength but also embraced a newfound lease on life.

Keith's story is one of incredible struggle and determination. In 2013, at the age of 38, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. Enduring six rounds of chemotherapy, Keith fought valiantly against the devastating disease. However, his battle did not end there. In the same year, he experienced his first of two major heart attacks, discovering that three of his four major arteries were blocked and required stents for survival.

Undeterred by the setbacks, Keith turned to exercise in 2015, seeking to reclaim his health and pursue his dreams. It was during this time that he crossed paths with Don Borgal, the future Isophit family member and founder of Proactive Lifestyle Fitness in Katy Texas, who became an invaluable source of support and inspiration. Keith set his sights on becoming an author and participating in a fitness competition, determined to prove that his spirit could not be extinguished.

Despite his unwavering determination, Keith faced yet another setback in 2017 when he required another stent to keep his last remaining artery functioning. However, the true test of his spirit came in January 2021 when Keith died after he suffered his second major heart attack. Keith's life hung in the balance as he was resuscitated and placed into a medically induced coma for several weeks, facing an uncertain future.

Amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of Isophit. Keith's previous connection with me through Don Borgal proved to be a lifeline. Moved by Keith's journey, I reached out to offer my assistance. In March 2021, Keith received the Isophit Strength Kit, marking the beginning of a transformative journey to rebuild his isometric muscle strength and tissue lost during his coma.

Keith's determination was truly awe-inspiring. Despite his initial weakness and struggles with the Isophit, he never wavered in his commitment. With my guidance and support, he gradually increased his daily isometric strength training with Isophit from one minute to five minutes. The scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of isometric training further fueled Keith's dedication. Throughout the next several months, Keith's rapid progress became the shining light in his cardiac rehab program at the hospital. (See above for Keith’s Isophit routine - 1 rep per exercise x 15 seconds)

Keith's unwavering perseverance paid off when, on January 14, 2022, he received the long-awaited news: qualification for a heart transplant. As he continues to await this life-changing procedure, Keith's journey has also expedited the creation of his first book, "Running in Broken Heels," a testament to his indomitable spirit and the power of hope.

As we eagerly await Keith's heart transplant and the release of "Running in Broken Heels," let us celebrate his courage, resilience, and unwavering hope. Keith's story serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that no matter how daunting the obstacles may seem, the human spirit has the power to overcome and thrive. Keith's journey is a testament to the indomitable strength within each of us and the incredible resilience of the human spirit.

If you would like to learn how Isophit can help you, or the specific health situation of a loved one. Please email your questions to me at brad@isophit.com.

Yours in Isometric Strength,

Brad Thorpe

CEO / Inventor




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